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Each Mandala I wood burn holds its own awakening experience. The slow process of burning the wood allows for a long and peaceful unfolding process. One where the mandala takes a journey of its own creation and tells its own unique story through my fingers. Each mandala is different. Each story is different. Some are of patience, some of kindness, some of having unwavering courage to continue walking the path. I like to think of my art as a window into the wisdom that created us all. Unconditional love.

"Ashley's art is not just a wall hanging but an energetic field of the universe's goodness burned into existence."   Amy P.

Each piece is hand burned and one of a kind. No piece is recreated or reproduced.


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"I have worked with Ashley Hall placing her art and doing commissioned projects with her and she is a true talent. The real deal! I highly recommend the opportunity to buy her work and add it to your collection or public space or commission her. She is attentive to details and client needs and is a true pleasure to work with."


-Bridgette Mayer, CEO, Bridgette Mayer Art Advisors, Los Angeles, CA/Philadelphia, PA

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