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Using creativity to TRANSFORM your personal growth and your LIFE.

Online Art Class

The Enlightened Art Class


Ashley Hall Art


2019 Class


Enrollment closing OCT. 16

Space is LIMITED!! 


For more information on this 7 week online coaching course with me

Enrollment will close when class reaches capacity.

“Ashley is a down to earth inspiration. Her art and mindset are amazing and learning from her was a great experience. Not only to gain a new skill but to see life in a more positive and upbeat way. It’s refreshing to meet someone who is genuine and authentic as her.”


Nadine R.

"I can’t say enough great things about my experience with Ashley’s coaching. I have grown as an artist and transformed into a more grateful woman from implementing her gratitude statements into my life."

-Megan L.

“Ashley is an absolute positive light and it was a total pleasure to learn from her. Exploring gratitude and personal development was such a welcomed and enjoyable aspect of the way she teaches and shares the passion behind her work and life. I highly recommend working with Ashley, she offers a beautiful combination of both wisdom and talent.”

- Lauren W.

"If you are considering taking this class and learning how to wood burn mandalas with Ashley JUST DO IT. I was initially blown away by Ashley's art and only dreamed of making one myself! With little experience I have completed my first piece and already have two commission orders to fulfill. So grateful. Just DO IT."

- Heather M.

WHAT IS ART CLASS WITH @ashleyhallart

Are you ready to find out what is hiding within your creativity?

And I would like to invite YOU to enter the creative plane with ME on October 1st. 


Yes, I am running an art class. But it's MORE than just an art class. 


Together, we're going to take a much-needed step back from our lives and be mindful of our thoughts, our feelings and our programmed behaviors. (Once we can observe them, we can change them and blossom into the people we were truly meant to be.)


Then, we can begin releasing the toxic behaviors from our life so we can live with more energy, enthusiasm and purpose!  :) 


When you enroll in this class, I am personally dedicating myself to helping you unleash your inner artist and to help you- Reclaim Power Over Your Life!


And because the Love and Creativity you have goes beyond just the physical process of "making an art piece"-


I promise that after this class, you will show up in your life as a bigger, fuller person AND have uncovered a deeper, more meaningful-self.


What you have is an opportunity to embark on an  EPIC one-of-a-kind artistic experience!




It's because (your) art is so much more than the physical process of painting a flower, drawing a picture, or taking a photo… 


It's a reflection of your TRUE inner thoughts and feelings


And inside this class I will teach you ALL the secrets I've uncovered in my own journey to help you fully express yourself. If that thought scares you, you need this class.

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PROGRAM Details 

read below for


All classes are LIVE online and RECORDED so you can view at your convenience. (if you miss a class, have to leave early, time zone difference, or you want to watch a class again... etc.) I use the ZOOM meeting room.


This is an 7 WEEK PROGRAM. 1 class per week. Classes can be viewed from ANYWHERE in the world. As long as you have internet connection you can attend class! I have had students in attendance from OVER 14 COUNTRIES and counting!! This is an ONLINE INTERACTIVE classroom setting. Time zone will be based off of Hawaii Standard Time.


Tools ARE NOT INCLUDED. Minimal tool list. Tool list includes: Drawing notebook, sketching pencils, colored pencils, journal, ruler, eraser, protractor.


​This is NOT a Wood Burning Mandala Course. Mandalas will be an integral part of this class but we will NOT be wood burning. 


This class will include a private facebook group where we will share weekly insights, valuable tips + tools, class links, project updates, and homework.​ Here we will stay connected and create community with fellow participants. (BEST THING EVER in previous classes! Mind Blowing Amazingness!)


Email support 24/7 with both me and my assistant to answer any and all questions and concerns.


to ALL Class Recording 1 Month following the date of the LAST CLASS. All classes can be dowloaded to view at your convenience with no time limitation.



Week #1


Establishing the foundation to your work as an artist. 

You will begin tapping into the creative stream of consciousness from which all art is created. 


This week is about discovering for yourself where and how this creative stream exists within your life. 


You will be introduced to the concept of being a witness to creation and unfolding a deeper understanding of the process of creating art in alignment with your unique expression.



Week #2


Writing your story. 

During week #2 you will be exploring your ability to write a story through the physical manifestation of a piece of art. 


You will be using the mandala to explore this weeks theme and writing a story based off of shapes and lines. 


Skills include line work, story telling, shapes, how to grid + draw + create symmetrical sacred geometry art.


Week #3


This week is all about answering the question… 
What type of artist are you? 

You will have the opportunity to discover the feelings that have been buried way down deep and been waiting to be released through a creative outlet. 


Through a series of creative exercises I have developed you will explore emotions, simplicity, and inspiration. 


This week you will be learning sketching, shading, scaling between black and white, and light sourcing.


Week #4


Building off of week #3 

We will take the concepts learned to move into a still life representation of intention. 

Furthering the skill of sketching we will explore the different dimensions of shading while introducing 1 color of choice. 


Creating a monochromatic portrait and playing with the idea of limitations, subconscious programs, deeply seeded patterns, and the intention living or not within your capabilities as an artist.


Week #5


Introduction of Color. 

You will learn the true power of color and what it means to YOU and your unique expression as an artist. 


All conversation from previous weeks will come into focus as you begin to establish a new and deeper understanding of what color means to you and your story as an artist. 


Skills include color combination, color meaning, perception, programmed beliefs.


Week #6


Building off of week #5 

We will take the concepts learned to move into a creative representation and conversation centered around metamorphosis. 

You will learn about the movement and perception that lives within each line you create as an artist. 


You will further the skill of color and deepen your understanding of dimension, color combining, and movement within piece.


Week #7


You will be taking all that we have learned and transforming it into one FINAL mystery project. 

The final project will exercise all resources learned and practiced within previous weeks to bring the class full circle. 


I don’t want to give away much more because this week is AHHMAZING!

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