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Hi There!


My name is Ashley Hall-Ducey. I am a wood-burning artist, inspirational writer, yogi, and teacher. My art is rooted within my insatiable appetite for self discovery, spiritual growth, and personal development.

When I am not creating art and running my online art courses you can find me filming inspirational content for my YouTube channel. I also enjoy soaking up the sunshine in Maui with my husband Jake Ducey, surfing, juicing, writing, and celebrating this gift we call life.


To stay posted on all of my new pieces and daily inspirational content head on over and check out my instagram @ashleyhallart.

Any questions or inquiries about my Online Art classes please head over to the CONTACT page and/or my page dedicated specifically to my online ART CLASSES

Miracles are Normal,

xo Ashley

"Ashley's art is not just a wall hanging but an energetic field of the universe's goodness burned into existence." - Amy P.

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