Ashley Hall


My Heart in The Red Mountains (what it said to me)

Snow Canyon Park, Utah

Snow Canyon Park, Utah

I deserve love. I am love. Therefore that is the only feeling and the only thing I see Is love.

The only person that can give me that gift is myself. I recognize the power of love.

I recognize the peace within love. I recognize the creativity within love. I recognize the solitude within love. Love is the root of every feeling and quality and human that I attract into my life. I think thoughts of pure love because that is what I deserve and I am the only person that can give myself that.

What a beautiful thing to recognize and what a practice to recognize in moments of strife, or in moments of sadness, or moments like this when my throat starts to close off when I get emotional.

Life is so beautiful. I am so blessed. I have the universe at my fingertips loving me, conspiring for me, creating for me, loving me, sharing me, flowing through me.

I am an abundance of absolute pure universal infinite light. I recognize that thats what I want to share with the world. I don't want to have times of being away from that space. I want to practice that at all times. I want to acknowledge that I am practicing that. I commit to fucking practicing that.

That is who I am, it is the root of all being. This is what I am going to practice being. I am practicing being. I am successful. 

Today I vow to practice this love. To share this love. To not let it shift from my mind. To continuously be asking myself... Am I coming from this space? Is this who I want to become?

Whatever circumstance I may find myself in I want to ask myself this question, because life is only about love. It is not about stress, it's not about anything.

It is about approaching every situation with an open heart and the ability to let go and to love.




Ashley Hall