Ashley Hall


Journal Entry - 6.10.16

I love myself in all my entirety because only then can I be truly loved unconditionally by another. With every wall I build against my own self love there is a wall of disconnect between me and the human standing right in front of me. If I truly want to be loved the way that I want to be I must love each part of myself that I see as my weaknesses.  I am worthy of love that nourishes me and strengthens my soul and because of this I love myself in all my entirety. That is truly the only option.

I have come to the conclusion that we are all doing ourselves and one another such disservice by not understanding the significance of loving ourselves. How can we all come together as one, one we are separate from ourselves?

Today I am so happy and grateful to be experiencing these thoughts, feelings and realizations that are bringing me joy and independence. I vow to give my best, do my best, and show up my best today. Show up for myself in the ways I can, show up for those around me, and show up as the connected loving and happy woman that I am.


Much Love, 

More thoughts to come!!




Ashley Hall