Ashley Hall


6.22.16 Nightly Gratitude

Leaucadia, Ca

Leaucadia, Ca

Gratitude is EVERYTHING.

Each waking moment I do my best to be consciously aware of the gratitude I have for literally everything. It just feels good. :)

When my boyfriend and I go on walks we gratitude out loud. When I take a shower I gratitude to myself. When I do yoga in the early morning I gratitude during my practice. Lately for the past few months it has been even more A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and my boyfriend and I have made a habit to write out our gratitudes rather then just speak them.

There is something about the written form that is just magical. It becomes more then just a word that disappears into thin air, it becomes permanent. The ink to the page.

Both writing a list of ten, twenty, thirty reasons we are thankful we do this each night before we sleep. :)

I wanted to take a moment and share my list from last night and show you a little bit about what a gratitude list may look like. 

I am grateful for a safe home to sleep inn, with a roof above my head, a warm bed below me, and a partner I share love with sleeping beside me.
I am grateful I am so smart and have always chosen what journey felt right for my heart and always with respect for those around me.
I am grateful to have a happy, healthy body and mind that is open to all possibility and growth
I am grateful for my smile, for brushing my teeth and having not only a tooth brush but running water, and toothpaste.
I am grateful for all the cells in my body and for all the organs I have functioning in the most beautiful and healthy way supporting my brain, my digestion, my absorption of minerals and vitamins 
I am grateful for going to the store today and having the ability to buy groceries that are healthy and will nourish my body
I am grateful to have the opportunity to start my company with my lover an partner Jake Ducey
I am grateful I love myself, I respect myself and I see truth and light wherever I go.
I am grateful that people are attracted into my life that are spiritual, hard working and so intelligent.
I am grateful for the wisdom and my increasing levels of awareness each day.

This is just a small example within my journal. Gratitude is everything. It can mean being thankful for the smallest things like you toes, to the big things like having a job or clean drinking water.

There is so many examples of people/places/things that do not have all the amenities we have the luxury to live with every day so this is my reminder to YOU.

Live with Gratitude and Love and life will always be kind to you. Light will always be shining upon you.




Ashley Hall