Ashley Hall
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Why Ashley donates ten percent of her proceeds to abused and battered women. Why she is an advocate to break the silence about domestic violence in the United States of America.



The Why.

"I can spend hours upon hours of my life creating someone else's dream... or I can spend hours upon hours of my life creating mine." 

It was a choice really. And my choice was me.


In a Nutshell.


Ashley Hall


I am a 24 year old artist living in San Diego, Ca. I believe in what I do because I believe a life lived with love is the only way in which I want to live. We can be what we love. You only need to answer this one question.

Are you going to allow yourself to be worthy of the life you dream of?

The answer must be "yes". So naturally you have an obligation to yourself and the divine to be what serves your highest self. For me that is an Artist.

 I am grateful for the idea which has used me. It serves me love every day which in turn gives me life never wasted.





(Not in a Nutshell)

I was 5 years old when I sold my first art piece. For a whopping 25 Cents it was the first sale of my life and at the time the best piece of work I had ever produced. A pink dolphin swimming in the ocean. Included with the dolphin was a nice little tropical island, palm trees, and a big ole sunshine in the top right corner. It took time... And boy was proud.

My first shop was located on a picnic table outside of my Grandparent's motorhome. Each paper held down by a stone so they wouldn't blow away. My blue tin bumblebee money box sat perched alongside me as I waited for my customers to oogle over all of my amazing work. I will never forget that day. The beginning... 

The beginning of a journey of finding my voice between the pages of my sketchbooks.

Fortunately for me my shop is now located online and can convieniently be shopped by anyone from anywhere at anytime. I have no need for the picnic table nor the bumblebee tin box to collect my earnings. But I would love for you to know my story. My why, my how, and my desire behind my work.

 I've known I was an artist since the moment I could create. Spending hours and hours at every age doodling, drawing, painting, pasteling, and perfecting my idea of amazing artwork. The phases have come and gone with time. Fairies, flowers, landscapes, realistic oil painting, beach scenes... you name it I have hours of logged time doing it. 

When I found Mandala's I was 23 years and at the time coming off of a ten year sabatical of really not doing much art at all sadly (but that is a whole other story). Any who the penmanship of Mandala's captured my every sense as I swindled away hours within a vortex of my own creations. Mandala's became the first pieces of artwork I had produced that were completely my own. No copies, no colors, no rules, no techniques... Just my mind and heart directing my fingers on how to fill the page. 

I am an artist because that is my gift to the world. I am a vehicle of pure spirit flowing to and through me filling pages so that others may be inspired to do the same. So that others may see my art as something not only beautiful but inspirational. An example of someone going for it. Someone choosing to be exactly who they are and creating a life around that simple fact. 

I am an artist because it is what I love. For many years I tried to be many other things. I tried to fit in, to get a regular job, to go to school. Then I woke up and realized... I can spend hours upon hours of my life creating someone else's dream... or I can spend hours upon hours of my life creating mine. It was a choice really. And my choice was me.

I want my art to inspire people to look in the mirror just as I once did and make a choice.


The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.
— Dalai Lama